An addicting vector graphics pseudo-3D game
with powerful sound effects

What is Rebel Defender

Rebel Defender is a "Star Wars" style retro game, looking like the star wars games which existed in the past on Atari ST. A retro game but with nice sound effects, promising several hours of fun !

The game is simple. Enemy spaceships are surrounding your rebel plant (coming from all directions, front, sides and rear). You have to shoot them before they get you. Easy at the begining, but things become harder when passed level 5. A radar view helps you to react as fast as possible for positionning your rotating tower toward the direction from where the closest enemies are coming. Your protection shield allows you to withstand 10 hits, afterward the game is over.

Will you succeed into finishing the 9 levels ?

Some additional screen shots...

Download the Rebel Defender source and sound files
(with "readme" file, ready for easy compiling).

Also available via the same link: The Rebel Defender executable, sound files and installation script.

NOTE: This X11/Xfree86 based game requires Xlib-devel (packages Xfree86 available in all complete distributions, used my many programs). A SB compatible soundcard and the (default) OSS sound server are recommended (but the game can be run without sound).

Wishing you a lot of fun...

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